Wednesday 5th June 2019, 9:47am

We’re excited to see the latest developments at Lea Farm Lake in its first year of ownership by Lavell’s Wetland trust following the transfer of land by Summerleaze. The lake is busy with various species of birds settling into the nesting season, Greylag, Egyptian and Canada Geese who already have young. Meanwhile most of the noise is coming from the squabbling Black-headed Gulls, with the almost equally noisy summer visiting Common Terns which began arriving from Africa in mid-April and seem to be paired up and are in full courtship display around the shingle island.

Spring passage has been very exciting with numerous uncommon and rare birds dropping in and as May ended, we will soon welcome ducklings and Tern chicks.

The charity is in the process of applying for a planning permission for an exciting new wetland habitat improvement and expansion project. This will allow them to create a brand new state of the art bird hide.