Wed, 08/21/2013 - 10:07

The Hippo to return to North Town Moor

The Hippo which went missing during 2012, following its theft and presumed disposal as scrap, is to return to North Town Moor. The original sculptor Mr Ken Robertson has been recommissioned by Mr Prior and is currently working on it at his home in Hampshire. The sculpture will be placed in a similar location to the previous Hippo, adjacent to the entry to the North Maidenhead Cricket club, this time with a protective moat around it, making it very difficult for it to be removed in the same fashion as before.

It is hoped that the new Hippo will be happily located in its new home during mid October and it is hoped that it will continue to be a memorable location for all the new and old youngsters who enjoyed its predecessor for many years.

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 09:50

Summerleaze Quarry the back Drop for "Men's Health"

The popular magazine "Men's Health" is using the Summerleaze Quarry at Maidenhead as the back drop for its latest article "Into the the Wild". The site was chosen due to the range of plant, equipment and gravel heaps available. The team of 12 are supported by stunt coordinators, stylists and caterers and a large winnebago providing all they nee for the days shoot.

The £700 daily fee is being donated to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground, a local charity which Summerleaze is a founding member.


Mon, 03/18/2013 - 11:40

Summerleaze secures Long Term Forestry Plan in Scotland and £1m funding for peatland restoration

Following 3 years of detailed negotiation Summerleaze are pleased to announce the approval of the Summerleaze Long Term Forestry Plan (LTFP) for Strathmore and the release of upto £1m from Rural Development funding by the Scottish Government for peatland restoration at these landholdings. The LTFP is the first forest plan approved by the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) located in the Flow Country and it sets the strategy for  Forestry in the Flows where forestry and environmental objectives can co-exist.

The funding will deliver the restoration of 450ha of land back to peatland through the removal of the existing poor crop of pure Lodgepole pine, the removal of deer fences, conifer regeneration and blocking ditches. This will lead to environmental benefits of increased biodiversity, the protection of and enhancement of carbon sinks, the creation of habitats for endangered breeding moorland birds and will mitigate any impact on the neighbouring designated sites.

In addition the LTFP has enabled funding from the Scottish Timber Transport Scheme for the building of a 7.3km link road through Braehour forest which will remove the need to use the weak local public roads for the transport of timber. Following the removal of the timber the provision of this road will also make public access to the area easier, increasing outdoor sporting opportunities and tourism.

Finally, the LTFP will ensure that consumers of timber products from Strathmore Forest, can be certain that they originate from a woodland managed to the highest standards of sustainable forest management and will as a result of the third party auditing, enable the certification of the timber under the Forest Stewardship Certification scheme (FSC)



Tue, 02/12/2013 - 13:48

Andigestion Supports Pyworthy local charity

"Pyworthy Under 5s" Chairperson Michelle Shadrick, thanked Andigestion for their "generous support" of their charity auction held at the Rydon Inn on the 25th January 2013. We understand it was great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Tue, 11/27/2012 - 16:46

Andigestion submits planning application for a new Anaerobic Digestion plant in West London

Andigestion Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Summerleaze Limited, has submitted a planning application for a new Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in West London. Currently operating one of the largest AD plants in the UK Andigestion is hopeful that permission will be granted for this new plant close to Heathrow in early 2013. The plant will have a capacity of 49,000t and will provide a disposal route for biodegradable food waste coming from Counties and Boroughs in the West London area, this waste is currently being sent outside the Borough boundaries and as a result of its treatment at the new AD plant will generate renewable electricity and a liquid fertiliser. In excess of 12 people will be employed at the site.

It is also envisaged that heat from the process will be beneficially used in local Heathrow hotels or Terminals.

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 16:51

NEXT use Summerleaze Quarry as backdrop for new clothing range

The clothing giant NEXT recently spent 2 days at Summerleaze Quarry using the quarry as its backdrop for still shots to be used in the new NEXT magazine. The rental for the 2 days of £1400 was donated to the Summerleaze sponsored charity TVAP. Mike Lowe said " this is a great way to get much needed funds to the charity using a resource which is flexible and in great demand for stills and video, we hope to raise over £5000 each year by letting out the quarry for such filming"

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 16:41

Congratulations to Bray

As sponsor of "Bray in Bloom" we are delighted to hear that a Gold Medal has been awarded to Bray.

The judges summary reads as follows:

" A small riverside village which is full of surprises, Bray has achieved an  
exceptionally high standard across all areas. This is a tribute to the  
Enhancement Committee and to all those involved, from toddlers, to youth  
groups, local organisations and trusts, the church, businesses, restaurants,  
nurseries, local councils and not least the local residents.
The level of support from those in the village, particularly residents,  
displays a high level of pride in the community. This year a real patriotic  
effort has been made, with red, white & blue everywhere, and many really  
unusual displays. The "Olympic oars" at the slipway are a lovely touch.
The efforts to promote the campaign and the success in continually improving  
and developing it to link in new initiatives, for the benefit of the village  
and those who live and work there, are really notable" 
Wed, 08/01/2012 - 16:03

Net A Porter use Summerleaze Quarry as back drop for new clothing range

Net A Porter used the Summerleaze Quarry this week as their backdrop for a new clothing range. Filming took place over a full day with over 15 crew, cameramen and models. As usual the £800 fee for the days filming was donated to Summerleaze's preferred charity "Thames Valley Adventure Playground". This donation, in the 30th year of TVAP, was warmly welcomed by Nicky Hutchinson and goes some way to helping finance the annual running costs of the charity.

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 14:01

Holsworthy Youth FC gets New Football Kit

Andigestion - Subsidiary company of Summerleaze Ltd - has continued to support the youth football team in Holsworthy Devon. This year the Under 15's have benefitted from a new football kit with "Andigestion Ltd" being  proudly displayed on their chest.

A message from the team was delivered to Andigestion " Many thanks for your continued support and for sponsoring our Under 15's with a new football kit this season. It is really appreciated by everyone at Holsworthy Youth"

Andigestion would like to wish all the teams at Holsworthy and particularly the under15's good luck for the coming season.

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 15:29

Summerleaze continues its relationship with Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre

Margaret Hookway ( Holsworthy Family Workshop) said 
"We would like to thank you for your financial support over the last 3 years.  
As a not for profit organisation serving our whole rural community through  
crafts and creativity, we do rely on local support as well as larger grants.  
Through your money we have been able to provide creative workshops for  
adults, children and young people and this we have appreciated.
Thank you once more"
Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre