Investing to Build a Better Future

Founded in 1928, Summerleaze is a privately-owned company, whose origins are in the field of mineral extraction. The company has diversified substantially since then, into fields such as wastes management and renewable energy. Operating as a small, dedicated team, we aim to innovate to make the most of under-valued resources. We back ideas that we believe have a strong future on the basis of long-term fundamentals, regardless of, and often contrary to perceived wisdom or fashion.

Sand and gravel

Sand and gravel - the origin and core of the business

anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion - recovery of energy and fertiliser from biodegradable waste

wood pellets

Quality wood pellets at competitive prices for renewable heat or bedding

Spencers Farm

Spencers Farm - Sustainable homes for the future. Click here for
partnering proposal with Furze Platt Senior School


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