Forever Fuels - quality wood pellets at competitive prices

Forever Fuels provides a secure, reliable, competitive supply of quality wood pellets to British customers.

Blown and bagged wood-pellet deliveries

We provide top-quality (EN-14961 Grade A1/DINplus/ÖNorm) wood pellets, delivered in bulk by specially-designed delivery vehicles that can blow the pellets into your store. Or we can supply the same, top-quality wood pellets in small (12.5 kg) bags on 1-tonne pallets, for smaller installations.

National supply of wood pellets

Forever Fuels provides the widest offering of any British wood-pellet supplier. We will supply bagged wood pellets to most parts of Britain, excluding the Scottish Isles and Isle of Wight (where costs of haulage from our store currently make the costs prohibitive). We will provide bulk deliveries to most parts of England and Wales. We are investing to extend our coverage and reduce the costs of delivery to as many parts of Great Britain as possible.

Quality, security, reliability and value in wood-pellet supply

Forever Fuels' priorities are quality, security, reliability and value. It is vital, for people to have confidence to replace their existing boilers with a system that runs on wood pellets, that they have confidence that they can obtain a reliable supply of wood pellets of a suitable quality. But they must also not have to pay an excessive price for the greater security and environmental-friendliness of sustainable wood-fuels. Forever Fuels will not stint on quality whilst investing in the infrastructure and systems that allow us to deliver pellets securely and reliably at the lowest economic price.

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