Denham Sand & Gravel Extraction


Summerleaze Ltd is a local mineral operator who has secured the rights to work the Sand and Gravel deposits at New Denham from Buckinghamshire County Council, who own the land.

The land is allocated in the Buckinghamshire Minerals Plan for Sand & Gravel Extraction and a planning application for working these reserves is being prepared. This will be submitted later this year.

Before submitting the application, the Company wishes to receive comments from the local community so that these can be taken account of in the application.

Following a well attended Exhibition of our proposals, one of the suggestions was to make information more available to the public through our Summerleaze website hence the reason for its inclusion now.


It is proposed to extract the deposits over a ten year period at a rate of approximately 300,000 tonnes a year. These minerals will be used in construction projects in the local area.

The site will include a concrete batching plant for the production of ready mixed concrete, this will be located with the sand and gravel processing plant in the plant area.

A new roundabout access will be constructed onto the A412, near Willetts Lane.

The mineral will be extracted in a progressive phased manner in a generally south to north direction. The sand and gravel will be transported to the plant area by a ground conveyor. This will reduce the number of truck movements within the site and thus the amount of noise produced.

Topsoils over the site will first be removed and used to create landscape banks around the site, screening it and further reducing noise.


There will be a limited amount of backfilling with inert materials to secure the satisfactory restoration of the site.

The whole site will be restored to a mixed use, of amenity, nature conservation and recreational uses. The restored area will include substantial lakes.

The long term management of the site will be the responsibility of Buckinghamshire County Council, who will retain ownership of the land.


Archaeological surveys have already been carried out on the site and the Company has had discussions with Bucks County Council’s Archaeological experts.

The sand and gravel extraction will include a strategy for protecting and recording any important features or finds.


This website is designed to be a conduit for communication between the Company and the local people, information on the progress of the application will be posted on this site along with plans and summary of the application as and when they are available. A forum for discussion and comment has been made available here, please use this in a constructive manner, I will reply to all questions.

Mike Lowe